Info: Smoketown Annual Fun Fly-in

There’s a saying, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But there’s no rule against improving what already works well. So instead of “winging it” this year, we’re going to spend time “in the shop,” so to speak, making improvements and taking a look at how we want to do things in future years. We had a great run of over a dozen fly-ins which were wildly popular and increasingly fun year over year — what else could we ask for?! We have the best community any airport could ask for, and without you the fly-ins would not have been so great for everyone! 

But don’t be too bummed. In 2018 we’ll be hosting other kinds of events, as you can see on our News & Events blog. At the bottom of every page on this site is a signup form. You can use it to sign up for news about the airport. If you are on Facebook, we’ll post things there as well

(April 26, 8pm EDT: This post was updated to reflect clearer information.)

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